What are the benefits of an Auto Warranty

What are the benefits of an Auto Warranty

Having a warranty on your car offers an extra level of protection that can end up saving you a great deal of money. But, not all warranties are created equal. A manufacturer warranty might just cover the drive train for so many miles or years (whatever comes first). If you buy a car at a dealership, they will typically offer you a warranty through a third-party that might include roadside assistance and other services. These warranties are actually considered “vehicle service contracts” and they will help save you on repair costs. Zurich Insurance is one of the top companies dealerships use to offer such warranties on used vehicles and vehicles that are out-of-warranty.


Most dealerships will honor this warranty, and it will cover the cost of certain parts and labor for most major vehicle components. The fine print varies depending on your car model and the price being offered to you. Zurich also has add-ons that a dealer may offer you to purchase, like paintless dent repair and tire/wheel coverage. Whether or not you need these things depends on the car you are buying and how you plan to use it.


When it comes to manufacturer warranties, however, they will usually stick to the basics. They are only sold with new vehicles and, typically, they will expire within 5 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes sooner. If you need to have a repair made under manufacturer warranty, you will need to take your car to a licensed dealership that works with your manufacturer. For instance, a Dodge would need to go to a Chrysler dealership. A Zurich warranty can be taken to any brand dealership that accepts it.

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