What it takes to Protect Your Car’s Exterior

What it takes to Protect Your Car’s Exterior

Regardless of the season, it is important to keep your car exterior in good shape. You do not want to be riding the latest model only for it to be looking like it was bought a decade ago. Also, well maintained cars fetch high prices when reselling them.

1. Find a good cover

Extreme weather conditions, especially in summer and winter, can leave your car looking sunburned. While you might have fun basking in the hot summer sun or snow diving during winter, your car is not enjoying any of that. The warm summer temperatures will oxidize the clear coat and consequently make the vehicle to look cloudy and pale. Pigments and polymers absorb UV and degrade, making them brittle and susceptible to degradation.

2. Consider the small stuff

Car exterior protection does not entail the paint only. It also includes the rubber and plastic components that make up the vehicle’s body. To prevent the cracking and hazing of plastics, consider using a plastic polish to maintain or refresh the factory appearance. Maintaining the rubber components requires the use of formulations that prevent the important rubber parts from becoming brittle. The use of sunlight shielding films to protect headlights is also crucial.

3. Find shade

The best way of protecting your car from damage by extreme weather condition is utilizing a physical barrier. Do your best to park your car under a shade whenever you can. It is easier to ensure proper conditions while at home than when out shopping and doing other outdoor activities. However, you can create the ideal conditions. For instance, you may request for a shade at your work place, or ask for favorable parking conditions.

Already damaged?

If the damage has been done already, worry not for something can be done to salvage the situation. You can get simple buffer products to bring the glow back. Extensive damage might however require re-spraying the car using new clear coat and paint.

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