What Car Owners Need to Know About Tire Alignment

What Car Owners Need to Know About Tire Alignment

Car drivers should be cautious about wheel alignments for two main reasons: money and safety. We often hear of stories of how a customer noticed that The car wheels were a little out of alignment before going for vacation but ignored because it did not seem like a big deal. A couple of days later into The trip, The tires wear down to The cords, and he has to spend several hours trying to find a replacement. Some of these stories end with The tragic loss of life.

Importance of aligning car wheels

When a car’s tires Are not in alignment, they might pull to one side. All The four wheels should be lined and pointed in a particular direction. At times one or more go out of alignment and is pulled against The rest of The tires. Besides The excessive wear, it also hurts fuel economy.

 Alignment service

Steering and suspension of components Are included in The alignment service. The reason for wheels to be knocked off The alignment might have also resulted in The damage of essential elements. Therefore, The repair expert will have to reinstate the broken or bent parts as required. The alignment process ensures that all The tires Are aligned along The three axes: the caster, camber, and toe.

How often should wheels be aligned?

The vehicle manual is likely to recommend how often The arrangement must be checked. If you Are not sure, ask Your service provider. Some of The things to look out for include whether Your car is pulling to a particular side, you feel an unusual vibration while on high speed, strange tire wear or if Your steering wheel is not centered.

Wheel balancing

It refers to compensation of weight imbalances in The tire combination. It often follows wheel alignment. Two types of wheel imbalance exist- The dynamic and static adjustments.


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