Must-have car stuff for the coming winter 

Must-have car stuff for the coming winter 

To be safe during these winter months there are a few important items that you must have in your car. Here are the most important ones:


1. Snow socks: These are always reliable when you are in need of extra traction, plus, they’re a space saving alternative to snow chains, although a temporary one.


2. Spare phone charger: This is pretty self-explanatory. If you get stranded, and both your phone and car batteries are dead, how are you going to get help? Buy a spare external battery charger, it’s not expensive, and it’s not space-consuming.


3. Warmers and wool blankets: If you get stuck somewhere in the snow, during blizzard, you would want to keep warm at all costs while waiting for help. So make sure you carry extra hand warmers and wool blankets.


4. Flares/LED FLashers: Now, flares might seem antique, but they get the job done, every time. Plus, they can also be used in an emergency to start a fire. At least three sticks should be carried in a car. LED flashers are great for signaling other drivers or someone coming to help you, and their batteries can work for hours.


5. Food and drink: It is not so common for anyone to be stuck in a blizzard for more than a day. But just in case, keep a few energy bars, and a bottle or two of energy drinks, because of electrolytes, which lower the drinks’ freezing point, making sure you have liquid when in need.


6. Shovel: A small, folding shovel is plenty enough to help you when digging your vehicle out of the snow.


7. Windshield de-icer: This stuff is pretty important to have, and an extra bottle could make a difference in being seeing the road and being stuck in a snow bank. You can use de-icer to defrost any frozen car parts as well, in the emergency cases.


Keep those in mind next time you go shopping, and don’t let the cold weather surprise you.

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