How to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance?

How to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance?

One of the biggest mistakes that most drivers make is failing to shop for the best premium deals and just accepting the first quote the insurer offers. On the brighter side, comparing car insurance is a walk in the park, and you can find the best deal in a few minutes. With the rising car insurance costs, comparing the quality and price is essential before purchasing insurance. Here are the best ideas to help you pay less for car insurance.

1. Drive fewer miles

The less the miles, the heavier your pockets since you will save more on car insurance. For instance, a simple cut in annual mileage of 5,000 miles will save about $50 annually for a 35-year old driverfl. However, one should be totally honest when it comes to calculating annual mileage since inaccuracy might jeopardize claims.

2. Boost your voluntary excess

Agreeing to spend more in the event of an accident means the insurer will be paying less for the damages. It will therefore result in a significant decrease in your premiums. All the same, make sure it is not very high, particularly if yours is a low value vehicle.

3. Do not include everybody in the policy

Make sure that you include only regular drivers when discussing the details of the policy. Avoid including your entire family as this might raise your premiums considerably. After all, you are allowed to include other people in case it is necessary.

4. Make use of your garage

Many people have turned their garages into storage rooms, which is not such a good thing especially if you wish to cut down on insurance costs. When the insurer knows that your car is parked safely in the garage through the night, they will charge less for the premium. This is because they trust that it is safe from burglary. The less the risks your car is exposed to, the less the money you pay for premiums.