DIY Auto Maintenance Ideas

DIY Auto Maintenance Ideas

Bringing your car into the shop isn’t just a hassle, it’s an expensive headache. Between scheduling yourself in to getting a ride home or sitting there for hours, no one wants to spend their day at the dealership or repair shop. But, how can you avoid it?


The answer is definitely not to skip maintenance. Rather, it’s to take care of that maintenance yourself, or at least to the fullest extent possible. Luckily, doing this is rather simple for most tasks and it can end up saving you quite a bit of time and money.


One of the easiest auto maintenance tasks you can do on your own is checking and replacing spark plugs regularly. Doing so will actually increase your gas mileage and prolong your engine’s life. You can also check and replace your air filter at the same time for optimal performance.


Another thing you can handle all on your own is replacing your drive belt if it is worn or broken, replacing your battery, or even replacing your brake pads if you have the proper equipment. Exterior coolant leaks can also be repaired from your very own garage by checking your hoses and other parts regularly.


During your DIY tune-up, some final items on your checklist should be your distributor cap and rotor, fuel filter, and of course, your oil. With those things out of the way, you can spend less time (and money) at the shop and more time enjoying the road.