What to consider when Choosing an Auto Insurance Company

What to consider when Choosing an Auto Insurance Company

Choosing an auto insurance company is no easy task. If you think about the potential long-term impact of the company you choose, finding the right one has to come down to more than just who can give you the best rate. Some additional points of consideration include: coverage options, company reputation, term-length, and whether the rate they are showing you is an introductory fee that will change after 6 or 12 months, or if that’s your locked in rate that you will be paying for the long-term.


If you have an older vehicle, you might just want to get the minimum amount of insurance required by your state. That will be the cheapest option by far, but it will leave you unprotected if you get in a wreck and it’s your fault. It can even leave you with little protection if you get in a wreck and it’s someone else’s fault. So, your primary deciding factor should always be: What’s the coverage like, and how will it protect me? Newer vehicles will certainly warrant comprehensive coverage, and any vehicle being leased or financed will be required to have comprehensive.


Finally, be certain that whatever rate the company does quote you on won’t increase after so many months. You should call up the company and confirm that this is their regular rate and not a special “introductory offer” that they plan to raise once you have been with them for so many months. With that information, you can make the right choice.

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