3 Tips to Protect Your Car’s Interior During Summer

3 Tips to Protect Your Car’s Interior During Summer

Whenever summer creeps in, be sure to take good care of your car. Besides the regular maintenance such as changing fluids, swapping tires and checking your AC, summer requires additional work. Follow this guide on amazing tips to get you ready for the heat.

1. Clean your carpets

The hot summer weather is accompanied by baked-in smells. Wet carpets offer a perfect breeding place for mildew and mold. The conditions often lead to mystery stinks in the car. Remember that coffee you spilled in winter? You can get ready for a terrible spoiled-mild odor the moment summer kicks in. so how can you battle it? The best way is to carry out deep carpet cleaning and get the place clean before it is entrenched.

2. Change floor mats

Your floor mats require some attention too. After all, they are tasked with getting the grime and dirt in your car every other day. They also ensure that the interior does not get smelly and wet. Consider investing in all-weather mats and cleaning the ones in use as often as you can. Whenever you are out on a long trip, make sure you clean them thoroughly.

3. Cover your dash

Whether you park your ride in the hot sun or your garage, your car’s interiors will benefit from a good UV or sunscreen cover. The rear decks and front are most affected by the scorching sun rays and might eventually fade, crack or get damaged. It is therefore in your best interests to invest in a windscreen shade that protects the seats and front dash. Every car model is different; thus make sure to get a cover that suits your particular model.

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