Four Ways to Prevent Kids from Ruining Your New Car 

Four Ways to Prevent Kids from Ruining Your New Car 

Only a few family experiences can be likened to that of a family driving together. However, these moments might seem incomplete when the kids ruin your new car. If you just bought a vehicle and have small kids, this list of how to prevent them from ruining the ride will come in handy.

1. Seat covers

One of the best ways of preventing the young angels from destroying the interior of your vehicle is installing seat covers. Many companies design seat covers for all models and makes. Look for a company that provides a guarantee for the covers. The provider should also include a manual that explains how one should install the covers. Installing seat covers in your vehicle will ensure the durability of your upholstery or leather seats.

2. Insurance

Before buying an auto insurance policy, you should inquire whether the policy includes physical damage or not. You should also ask if they cater for interior damages. Tears from sharp objects like sporting equipment might leave the interior of your vehicle looking way less attractive than it should. Contact your insurance broker or inquire from the company whether they have this coverage.

3. Allow “safe foods” only

A good way of avoiding food and drinks accidents that are quite popular is allowing “safe foods” only. They include those which are easy to vacuum and hard to spill. Dried fruits, trail mixes and dry cereals are great examples of such foods. Avoid greasy foodstuffs and fast foods since they might cause considerable damage to the vehicle.

4. Car covers

If you park your car at home and within the reach of kids, a car cover is an essential item to have. Children tend to be mischievous while playing; thus might even scratch its surface. The car cover will act as a barrier that makes it difficult for the kids to damage your vehicle.