How to save money on auto maintenance

How to save money on auto maintenance

Car repair costs are one of the biggest headaches in life. In addition to having to get your car to the dealership, certain repairs could mean not having a car for days or weeks at a time, and they can cost you BIG if there is something wrong with the radiator, engine, or transmission. Luckily, if you maintain your car properly, you won’t really have to worry about them.


But, maintaining your car in itself can cost you a lot of valuable time and money. How can you help avoid some of the hassle of frequent oil changes, check-ups, and tire rotations?


The first and simplest tip is to make sure you do them. Even if they are inconvenient, skipping an oil change or maintenance check-in could lead to a bigger, more serious, and more expensive issue later on. If you really want to save time, take the time to have your car maintained now rather than putting it off until later. Now, when it comes to saving money, you should shop around. Check the costs of parts and labor at various dealerships and mechanics in your area, but keep in mind that any car under warranty may need to be taken to a specific dealership.


The other way to save on car maintenance is to get an oil change package. Many dealerships can save you money by allowing you to pay up front for a few oil changes at once. That also motivates you to bring in your car next time it’s due, which will keep your car running better and longer overall.

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